Buying From Online Dealers

In the past, there were very few places that you could find online to invest your money in gold or any other precious metals for that matter. Approximately 10 years ago the number of dealers with an online presence was much less than what you see today. Back then we would have highly recommended that you consult with a local dealer as opposed to going online. Although, as more and more reputable companies have continued to enter into the online space. It has made the online gold investment market a more reliable place to conduct business.

Price Advantages

One of the added benefits of investing or buying gold bullion online is that prices are generally lower than if you were to walk into your local dealer. In most cases, online dealers are able to provide lower rates versus local dealers because they don’t have the overhead of an actual storefront.


Browsing at your leisure from the comfort of your own home is always going to be more convenient than going to your local coin dealer. Being able to take your time and do your own research is important when deciding on how to invest your money and which precious metal to go with.

Also, just because you order online does not mean you have to wait months in order to receive your gold. If you decide to buy gold bullion directly, then you have the option of receiving your gold within 7 business days through some online precious metal dealers.

Besides delivery speed, if you’re purchasing a lot of gold or silver bullion, then you’re going to have to factor in how much it weighs. Traveling with your bullion in your vehicle is probably not preferred. Which is why having it delivered might be a better alternative.


One thing most people don’t consider is anonymity. Ordering online allows you to purchase within the privacy of your own home. Not only that, but it allows you to receive your order anonymously and privately as well.

Sales Tax

Those who are accustomed to purchasing through local dealers, are also used to the concern regarding sales tax. When you purchase precious metals locally you must abide by state laws and adhere to their taxes. However, when you are purchasing online, you are able to neglect these charges.

If you invest with a company that is situated in a state where there are no tax fees, then you will be exempt from paying those fees as well.


We definitely understand the risks that many people fear when ordering anything online as opposed to in store. Especially when you’re dealing with something as important as your investment portfolio. Pace AVN has been researching precious metal companies for over 3 years and is dedicated to ensuring our readers only consult with the best organizations who have a proven track record of professionalism and excellent customer service.

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